One of the best things a Life Scout can do, on their path to Eagle Scout, is to make a plan. By creating a Life-to-Eagle Binder, the scout can create a place to keep everything they need in one place. The binder should have file dividers to seperate each section.

The sections are:
1.     The Eagle Scout Rank Application (No. 512-728)
2.     The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (No. 512-927)
3.     Reprint of topics through from the Guide to Advancement (No. 33088) pages 65-74
4.     Supplemental Life-to-Eagle materials your council or district publishes
5.     A printout of the Scout’s advancement record (contact the Scoutmaster for this document)
6.     Contact information for the Life-to-Eagle coordinator and district advancement chairman
        a. Troop 575's Life-to-Eagle coordinator is ______________ .
        b. Strong River District's Eagle Board of Review coordinator is Jim Bell .
            Strong River District Eagle Board of Reviews are held the 1st Tuesday of Month at St Luke Episcopal Church in Brandon. The  board of review starts at 6:30pm